Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Illiana Tollway

Will County News Viewpoints received the following letter to the editor from Anthony Rayson.  Any individual or group wishing to submit a letter to the editor can send them to:

"Dear Editor,   

 IDOT and INDOT are fast-tracking the process of imposing the private / foreign run Illiana tollway.
"Public meetings" - their usual dog-n-pony shows, are to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 18th, from 5 to 8 pm at Lowell Middle School and on the 19th at Local 150 Training Center, near Wilmington.  This will fulfill their requirement of getting public input on their Tier 2 Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Why isn't it being held at Wilmington High School?  The people of Local 150 would pave through the Garden of Eden, if given a fat government contract!  If the Lowell schools are closed, they'll move it to Hebron, several miles past the proposed Illiana.  No input from affected residents was ever sought on these locations, but they do want "consistent stakeholder input" to make their job of rustling the farmland easier.  We'll get 2 minutes to speak!  The gun to our collective heads is wrapped in velvet.

The people of Illinois and Indiana are being taken for a long - and very dangerous ride, rubber- stamped by the gutless politicians, buttered up to approve it.  The ultimate destination?  Bankruptcy! 
 As always, we the people have to be the ones to fight for the genuine interests of our communities.

       Anthony Rayson, Outreach Coordinator for NOILLIANA4US.  Monee, IL  "